Our Purpose

The Mission of Black Dandelion Backdrops
In an increasingly competitive market, it may seem impossible to produce unique work that stands out from the rest. Some backdrops on the market may feel too staged or overproduced. Black Dandelion Backdrops focuses on creating authentic, inspired, and well-balanced context for every photo session: making every shot a memorable one.
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Who We Are

Virgila Dale Enterprise
Black Dandelion Backdrops offers unique, high-quality backdrops for photography sessions. Based on over ten years of industry experience, our sets are built with a photographers’ eye. During every set build, each detail and object is carefully considered down to the color, composition, lighting. Our production standards are high as we are committed to supplying clients with beautiful, original backdrops.

Satisfaction Guarantee!

  • Darrel A.
    The 9x14 lux fabric I ordered is on point! Will be back for more! Thank you!
    Darrel A.
  • Kari R.
    Sometimes a backdrop comes into your life that makes you wonder what you ever did without it. For me, this is that backdrop.
    Kari R.
  • Jordy G.
    The BEST place for custom photo backdrops! True artist right here!
    Jordy G.
  • Ashley B.
    Great fabric prints and the order was received promptly. Highly recommended
    Ashley B.
  • Jade T.
    Added so much value to my shoots! Clients are elated! Good business!! Thanks!!
    Jade T.